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The U.S. green subsidy bill is a threat to Australia

The U.S. green subsidy bill is a threat to Australia

In view of climate and energy policy, the US government last year came up with the Inflation Reduction Bill. The clean energy council of Australia said the Inflation Reduction Act had a significant impact on decarbonization. The chief of the clean energy council, Kane Thornton, said America’s intervention had resulted in the transition and increased competition for labor, materials, and money.

Mr. Thornton said, “The Inflation Reduction Act introduced in the United States of America is a game changer.” The U.S. brought the bill to encourage the creation of businesses in the field of green energy, like green hydrogen and renewable energy.

The clean energy council wants the Australian government to introduce tax benefits for the green industry to encourage the production of green hydrogen and renewable energy. The chief of CEC says that the opportunity for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower is under threat.

Mr. Carroll, the recruitment manager at Airswift (a global recruiter company which is specialized in the renewable energy industry recruitment), said, “recent research had shown that renewable energy industry workers were willing to travel for jobs, especially to countries with supportive policies.

According to Mr. Carroll, Australia has advantages to offer prospective workers, including “a great lifestyle,” strong and stable laws, and multiple renewable energy projects worth $1 trillion. However, he noted that many of the proposed projects were to be sanctioned by their financiers, and had come to a halt due to a lack of investor confidence in the government policies. The demand for skilled labor in the renewable energy sector seems to grow even stronger in the future.

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