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Angus Taylor claims Australians will pay $300b more in tax under Labor government

Angus Taylor claims Australians will pay $300b

In a recent address to the National Press Club in Canberra, Angus Taylor, a prominent Australian politician, blamed the federal government for the country’s rising inflation, shifting the focus away from global factors such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Taylor criticized what he called Labor’s “big spending” approach and claimed that Australians would face over $300 billion in taxes over the next five years under a Labor government.

He argued that the government’s budget failed to effectively address inflation and exacerbated the problem.

Taylor’s remarks contrasted with Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ usual framing of global economic “headwinds” as having an unavoidable impact on Australia’s economic position and government fiscal policy.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison also attributed inflation to factors outside his control, such as the war in Ukraine, prior to the election, stating that there was no “magic wand” to alleviate the cost of living.

When asked about the apparent contradiction of inflation being beyond the Coalition’s control but controllable by Labor, Taylor emphasized that the current responsibility lies with the Labor government and its decision-making in Canberra.

While acknowledging that rising energy costs resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had contributed to the inflation crisis, Taylor asserted that Labor had worsened the problem.

He emphasized the need for increased supply to bring down prices across all sectors, suggesting that fiscal policy from Canberra was essential in addressing the issue.

Taylor also signaled bipartisan support for making the National Disability Insurance Scheme financially sustainable and stressed the importance of securing its future beyond political considerations.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Jim Chalmers defended the government’s budget, asserting that it would drive down inflation.

He highlighted the $14.6 billion cost of living package aimed at energy bill subsidies, rent assistance, and income support, among other measures.

Chalmers expressed confidence that the budget would relieve financial strain on Australians without contributing to inflation, forecasting a gradual slowdown in inflation rates over the coming years.

Overall, Angus Taylor’s remarks placed the blame for Australia’s inflation problem on the federal government’s decision-making, diverging from the usual emphasis on global economic factors. The differing perspectives between Taylor and Chalmers underscored the ongoing debate over the causes and solutions to the country’s inflation and cost-of-living concerns.

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