Federal government officials have confirmed the dismantling of Chinese-made security cams

dismantling of Chinese-made security cams

Hikvision, the Chinese manufacturer of surveillance cameras, is a company owned by the Chinese state. Hikvision cameras used for surveillance were removed amid the US-Chinese spy row.

Officials of the Finance department confirmed Security cameras made by Hikvision are installed in 88 parliamentarian offices, including Federal MPs’ electorate offices. 

CCTV systems were installed in 65 MPs’ offices, and 88 parliamentarians had CCTV cameras and intercom systems.

The officials said, “We acknowledge the security breach and are closely working with security agencies to improve security. There is no concern regarding the CCTV systems as they disconnected from the internet.”

Twenty cc cameras have been removed and will be replaced by April, say officials. However, removing the intercom systems is yet to be replaced.

Last week, amid the US-China spy row, officials found that 1000 cameras and other recording devices were installed in 250 official Australian government spaces. A number of those are linked to defence and the military.

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