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A three-year-old was found dead after being left for several hours at a shopping strip

A three-year-old was found dead

A three-year-old boy was locked at a shopping strip in Sydney in the soaring heat of 30+ degrees celsius. Emergency services tried to rescue the boy locked in a Toyota Yaris at a shop strip, on Railway Parade at Glenfield, near Liverpool, at 3 p.m in the afternoon. After all the attempts made by paramedics, they confirmed that the boy died.

Rubel Islam, a fellow person known through the local Bangladeshi community, said the child had an elder brother who would be taken to school, and the younger child was taken to childcare.

Islam said hundreds of people just walked past the car with the boy locked in it as it was parked in a quiet place.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported the temperature reached 31.6 degrees in Glenfield just before 4 pm.

Campbell town City Police received information saying that the child was locked in the car throughout the day.

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