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Gun owners in West Australia need to undergo a mental health screening

Gun owners in West Australia need to undergo a mental health screening

The West Australian government, in its “Australian first“ commitment, mandated the mental health screening of all gun owners in the state to ensure lower shooting deaths in the state.

The police minister of the Australian government said, “the Australian government will introduce new policies and stricter gun laws for the safety of people.” he said that the gun laws were in response to the killings of western Australians that took place last year.

With the new gun policy and regulations, 89000 gun owners in Western Australia need to undergo mental health screening. Further investigations prompted 46 gun owners to revoke their firearm licenses on the grounds of mental health.

According to the police minister, twenty people were killed or gunned down in public places. He opined that all these killings might have created a panic in the western Australians.

Mental health would have been a factor in most of the shooting deaths in 2022, opined the police minister, Mr. Papalia. “Most people undergo mental health crises in their life, and they cannot be seen as a crime.”

Hours after announcing the revised 1973 Firearms Act last March, the Shooting Union of Australia opposed the move of the government.

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