The U.S. company 777 aids Australia’s economic airline ‘BONZA.

The U.S. company 777 aids Australia’s economic airline ‘BONZA.’

Many aviation experts are surprised and also suspect the sustainability of low-cost aviation of the BONZA. The strategy of BONZA is flying with a large crowd to nearby destinations (regional destinations) with limited flights in a week. Some aviation experts were left unconvinced about the strategy.

What made the U.S. giant aviation firm invest in BONZA?

Steve Pasko, founder of 777, who had an inaugural flight on BONZA on Tuesday, said he saw an opportunity in the Australian aviation market, which lacks an independent budget carrier.

Steve opined that Australia is similar to the demographics of Canada and has a market for low-fare aviation.

Despite forecasting the losses for the coming 12 months, the 777 firm decided to continue to invest in the idea of BONZA, expecting an improvement after a year.

It requires 90 percent sale of tickets for a flight, and the airline would be successful in experimenting with its destinations and frequency. 

Veteran aviation industry analyst Neil Hansford questions its sustainability.

He said the strategy with a combination of low fares, more seats, and infrequent flights to off-the-grid destinations made no business sense.

Neil Hansford, an Air transport analyst has questioned the viability of the airline. (News Video) “The model just simply doesn’t work,” Mr. Hansford said.

His skepticism is further entrenched by Bonza parking its jets on the Sunshine Coast, which he said: “doesn’t have the same attraction to most people that the Gold Coast has”. 

“If it was the Gold Coast or Brisbane or Sydney, I could maybe understand it … if this airline survives, this business model won’t survive to Christmas 2024,” he said.

The CEO’s dream of BONZA.

Tim Jordan, CEO of BONZA, says the budget airline was dreamt of for about 14 years while he was gazing up at the sky.

Tim Jordan said he always dreamt of making aircraft affordable for those who cannot afford to fly.

It took 14 years for Tim Jordan to build BONZA from scratch, and was pleased on behalf of the team BONZA to welcome travelers to experience the flight.

An unquenched thirst for people to fly to new routes is the key driving force of the BONZA business strategy.

Hare the airfares are made available at sale prices, and whether the app-only booking strategy will work.  With no call center for queries and cancellation troubles, will it satisfy the traveling public?

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