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Fancy restaurant Kiln features a Jatz appetizer that costs $10

Fancy restaurant Kiln features a Jatz appetizer that costs $10.

The Jatz, smoked butter with anchovy, is declared “peak Sydney.” The opening of Kiln restaurant in Surrey hills in 2022 was highly anticipated by the locals.

“It’s a play on the high-low, which is something I love to bring into my cooking,” head chef Mitch Orr told Good Food last year. The secret in the recipe is the smoked butter that is smoked on wood from the grill. This dish has become a signature mark for the head chef Mitch Orr.

Kiln head chef Mitch Orr shared the recipe for the Jatz lovers. “The recipe starts with smoking butter on the wood used in grilling, and then it is whipped and mixed with white soy sauce and mirin. After mixing, it is seasoned with Murray river pink salt”, later using the crackers as base the butter is topped on it surrounding it with baller Olasagasti anchovy.” 

The price for the smoked butter anchovy is worth it, says Jatz lovers as the biscuits just cost $3.5 for the cracker box.

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