Australia removes the Chinese security cameras from the war memorial in Canberra

Australia removes the Chinese security cameras

Australia removes all the security cameras from the war memorial, which are manufactured by the Chinese government. According to the report from Canberra Times, the Chinese security cameras are manufactured by Hikvision, in which the Chinese state persons have some part of ownership.

“The War Memorial is to be commended in a sense that they recognize that they have these devices and that they should be removed,” senator of the opposition party James Paterson told ABC TV on Wednesday.

“In response, they said the devices that they have at their site here in Canberra will be removed on the grounds of national security that they pose,” he added.

Amid the spy row between the U.S. and China, fears of surveillance led the British government to ban security cameras manufactured by the Chinese government and remove Chinese security cameras from sensitive government properties.

A U.S. Defence spokesman noted on Tuesday that Beijing rejected a request for a secure call between Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and his counterpart to speak on the spy balloon.

“On Saturday, 4 Feb, immediately after taking action to down the PRC balloon, the DOD requested for a secure call between Secretary Austin and PRC Minister of National Defense Wei Fenghe,” Brigadier General Pat Ryder said in a statement, reported AFP.

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