High alert in western Australia after Caesium-137 left unfound

High alert in western Australia after Caesium

Exigency in Western Australia, after the radioactive element, Caesium-137 capsule was found missing during its transportation to Perth. The harmful radiation of the Caesium-137 capsule concerns the authorities. However, they issued a red alert in some parts of western Australia last Saturday with a prior warning on Friday.

Authorities say that the silver capsule containing the radioactive element, Caesium-137 was lost while it was transporting from Newman to Perth. The transportation of the radioactive element stretched about 750 miles from northeast of Perth.

“The substance is used within gauges in mining operations. Exposure to this substance could cause radiation burns or radiation sickness,” the agency said.

Officials said, “the radio element was taken from a mine owned by Rio Tinto Ltd and was transported on January 12th”. After a week, it was realized that the capsule of the Caesium-137 was missing and lost on the journey from Newman to Perth. Since the request was raised, the emergency services did not respond to the authorities.

Western Australia’s chief health officer said it might cause severe skin burns and redness if kept close to the body. Long-term exposure to the element might adversely affect the human immunity system.

Transporters said that the gauge broke, and the radioactive element fell from the truck because of the truck’s vibration.

Caesium-137 is a radioactive element that releases gamma(Y) rays. The chemical name of the element is Cs-137. Ingestion or inhalation of the gamma rays causes damage to soft tissues or may even cause death. Long-term exposure to radiation can increase the risk of cancer.

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