The Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese was criticized for spending more time at the Australian Open

Anthony Albanese was criticized for spending more time at the Australian

After a visit to Alice Springs, the Australian prime minister was found gulping beer during the Australian Open. Albanese took time to watch the finals of the Australian Open instead of spending more time reviewing the crime crisis in Alice Springs.

While facing heavy crime scenarios in Alice Springs, where he spent only 4 hours, Albanese attended three nights of a tennis tournament; semi-finals, women’s final, and men’s final.

Mr. Albanese spent the weekend in Melbourne, where he attended three nights of tennis in a row, enjoying Friday’s semi-final, Saturday’s women’s final, and Sunday’s men’s final. In contrast, the Prime Minister spent only four hours reviewing the crime in Alice Springs last Tuesday, where youth crimes have made national headlines.

Oppositions question the timing of Mr. Albanese’s trip due to the concerning issues of youth crimes in Alice Springs in Northern Australia.

“It’s a perfectly reasonable question. The Prime Minister spent a lot of time at tennis but there are pressing issues concerning the safety of Indigenous Australians in Alice Springs,” he told Sky News Australia on Tuesday.

“I don’t deny he should go to tennis, it’s a good thing. But three days and a few hours in Alice Springs. We have a real crisis there,” Mr. Mitchell said on 3AW on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister has to do something, and he has to be seen doing something. At least ScoMo paid his way to Hawaii, and we paid for Albo to go to the tennis.”

Meanwhile, Senator Jacinta Price told The Herald Sun she found images of Mr. Albanese “chugging beers” and eating ice cream at the Australian Open an  “insult and a kick in the guts.”

“For the people of Alice Springs to see the PM spending more time relaxing and chugging back beers at the tennis than what he did on the ground in Alice Springs,” she said.

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