Leading luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz, stops the production of the C63 AMG in Australia.

stops the production of the C63 AMG

Top cream people of different categories,  like businessmen, celebs, and gangsters, were fond of the AMG lineup of the luxury brand Merc.

Lewis Hamilton himself couldn’t control from performing a burnout in C 63. Victoria police busted former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton for performing a burnout at Albert Park during the Australian Grand Prix.

The design language of the Merc AMG C63 has blunt lines and curvy exteriors, and it roars on the road with its powerful v8 engine. It offers the comfort of a C-class, the entry-level sedan in the Merc sedan line-up.

Production of sedan cars at Mercedes has closed as the brand moves towards greener, & quieter, yet more powerful with a four-cylinder hybrid EV motor.

Mercedes fanboys still have a chance to get a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Final Edition coupe or convertible this year and expect that only a few of them are made available to sell in the Australian market. It is powered by the same old 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that has produced 375kW power and 700Nm torque since the engine debuted in 2015.

The Final Edition comes with carbon ceramic brakes, dual-tone cross-spoke wheel alloys, matte gray paint, and some side decals. Black leather interiors with yellow stitchings on the dash, seats, and steering wheel are some of the highlights of the car. The cost of the car is expected to increase by $28,400 on the old price of the c63 AMG coupe.

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