Tabcorp commits to using Mindway AI software

Tabcorp commits to using Mindway AI software.

Tabcorp has decided to use data analytics software created by Mindway AI to spot fraudulent activities and problem gambling patterns that customers might be constructing.

Also, the firm mentioned in a statement that it would utilise this software as part of an “upgrade to its responsible gambling capability.”

Typically, Mindway AI profiles players based on the way they are gambling. In other words, it tries to identify fundamental behavioural shifts, which include impulsive behaviour, monetary consumption, repeated losses or loss chasing, and payment methods, according to its website.

Tabcorp also added that it would use Mindway AI “to intercept and assist potential problem gamblers at an earlier stage.”

Dr. Amy Shi-Nash, chief analytics and data officer of Tabcorp, said, “Our technology and capability upgrades will allow us to more easily identify changes in customer behaviour and incept those customers before gambling becomes a problem.”

Moreover, Jenni Barnett, chief customer officer of the firm, added that the upgrades are “an important part of the company’s digital transformation.”

“This partnership will allow us to use the world’s best technology to better identify and prevent harmful behaviour before it becomes a problem and then implement proactive measures to assist our customers,” Barnett said.

“There’s no set and forget in this space. We’ll continue to grow and modify our capability to ensure we remain an industry leader in customer care,” she added further.

Tabcorp claims to be Australia’s first wagering operator to sign up with Mindway AI.

Overall, it is estimated that software makers can monitor the behaviour of about 6.5 million “active players” across 20 countries every single month.

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