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Train Networks in Sydney face communication issues

Train Networks in Sydney face communication issues

Sydney’s rail network has concerns about the communication issues that spoiled the revenue in peak time. Commuters were forced to turn away from the station in Sydney.

The authorities informed commuters about the network issues and alerted them about extra travel time due to miscommunication and lag. Loud announcements were made in the station about the issue, which caused passengers to return as soon as they entered the station.

The official Twitter account posted the communication issue at 3:50 pm, mentioning its further service delay. TripView showed almost an hour delay on most of the trips.

 As a result of the poor railway services, Uber fares have hiked due to demand even before 4 pm as passengers need to reach their homes by evening. Commuters are unhappy with Uber fares causing even more trouble. 

The Sydney rail network issue is buzzing around social media to help notify passengers to save time.

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