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Recessions fear won’t stop ‘the big quit’ in 2023, says linkedin

Recessions fear won't stop ‘the big quit’ in 2023, says linkedin

Keeping layoffs and hiring freeze, Linkedin says it will be more straightforward and more confident for employees to switch jobs because they will be more confident in their abilities.

This is based on research from Linkedin consumers conducted among 4000 employees across Singapore and Australia.

According to the research, 43% of employees across Australia and Singapore said they were more confident searching for a new job compared to 2022.

Even with the fear of the recession that is coming up, workers are showing more resilience and are ready to deal with any downturn in the economy. Linkedin said.

Research revealed that half of the people served in Australia were expecting and were prepared for the recession and economic downturn.

“Confidence and optimism we see from professionals point to them demonstrating more resilience post-pandemic to tackle any impact that an uncertain environment may bring.” said a career expert and head of editorial Asia-pacific at Linkedin.

Since the pandemic started, professionals have taken time to fortify their careers through skilling, investing in growing their network, and aligning their careers to what they are more genuinely passionate about and like doing.

For example, 43% of people are adding skills to their Linkedin and resume year after year. This is a sign that employees are investing actively in developing their skills and improving their careers.

“As professionals expand their skill set, they are gaining more transferable skills that can be applied to multiple job roles and improves their likelihood of securing a job,” Chhabria added.

One thing is clear employees took the situation in 2021 with greater negotiating power. As a result, job openings increased to record levels.

Remote work during Covid has allowed workers to work whenever and wherever.

“We believe what will continue to happen in 2023 is people wanting jobs where they have more freedom, or make more money or enjoy the work more, or in some cases all three,” Chhabria said.

This is a significant reason why people may only want to stay in their jobs for a short time, Linkedin added.

The rising inflation and cost of living will make people seek jobs with better pay or a luxurious hike, said Linkedin.

Linkedin research found that a larger paycheck is a reason for a change of jobs. However, 58% of the surveys in Singapore and 49% in Australia said they are willing to stay in the same job for better pay.

A better work-life balance will be a crucial component for people this year, reflected by more than 30% of surveys across Singapore and Australia.

According to Gallup’s State of global workplace report, 60% of respondents reported being emotionally detached and 19% being miserable.

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