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Fewer beds causing pressure on the healthcare system in Queensland.

Fewer beds causing pressure on the healthcare

A report of public hospital performance data shows 59 percent of patients were kept waiting in ambulance stretchers due to fewer bed availability. The report contains data for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Despite the efforts to meet the health sector demand for beds and ambulances, demand is rising in the most urgent complex category 1 to 3 emergency department presentations, health Minister Yvette D’Ath said in parliament today.

The emergency department presentations show an improvement with 573,205 patients reduced in the December quarter.

Despite increasing the ambulance count during the quarter amid a COVID-19 wave, off-stretcher time at EDs has not improved, says opposition ‘Leader David Crisafulli.’ 

The health system in Queensland deteriorated under the Albanese government.

The LNP team has worked on a solution to improve Queensland’s health system, including investing in more beds, sharing data in real-time, and hiring more doctors and nurses in the hospital.

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