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Data shows Aussies are leaving their kids and pets in cars in parking lots

Aussies are leaving their kids and pets in cars

The motorist in Australia gets a warning notice from the NRMA, asking people not to leave kids or pets in cars and lock them under the sun.

The roadside assistance company received more than 4000 last year saying that kids, children, and pets were locked in the cars in the parking lots by the parents or motorists. They also reported that the car keys are left with them inside the cars, which makes motorists fall into trouble.

NRMA road safety expert Dimitra Vlahomitros said the temperature inside a hot car could almost double the outside temperature, and it didn’t take long to kill a child or pet.

“Everyone has gotten in their car after a warm day and felt the scorching heat in the car or the burn of their seatbelt,” Ms. Vlahomitros said.

“Whether you’re packing the car full of groceries or packing the car for a holiday, make sure you know where the keys are, and don’t leave your keys with children to play with while loading up the car,” she said.

The NSW police minister David Elliott earlier had advised all motorists to smash the window if required in an emergency before the police arrive.

The NRMA’s warning is followed by Townsville man Aaron Hill being ordered to stand trial over the death of three-year-old ‘Rylee Rose Black,’ who died after she was locked inside a hot car.

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