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An extremist ideology is the reason behind the Wieambilla shooting

An extremist ideology is the reason behind the Wieambilla shooting

Australian police, for the first time, witnessed a religious extremist ideology behind an attack. Two police officers and a neighbor died in the attack after Nathaniel, Stacey, and Gareth Train started a fire in the streets of Queensland last December.

An investigation led by the Police Deputy Commissioner of Queensland, Tracey Lindford, found the Trains “acted as an autonomous cell” and “executed a religiously-motivated terrorist attack.” Christian fundamentalist belief system named “pre-millennialism” is what they believed.

Ms. Lindford said that a religious terror attack happened for the first time in Australia. “They did refer to the police as evil.” Investigators had found evidence of preparation and planning of the attack.

The property owned by Gareth and Stacey is set up with hidden hideouts, barriers, dirt mounts, guns, knives, CCTV, and mirrors on trees. Ms. Linford said the Trains had been in contact with individuals in the United States.

“They’ll determine what investigations they might make as a result of that information,” she said.

Police had travelled to the remote inland property – about 270km (168 miles) west of Brisbane – on 12 December to check on Nathaniel Train, who was found to be missing in New South Wales.

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