No changes in Victoria’s pill-testing laws, confirms Daniel Andrews

No changes in Victoria’s pill-testing laws

Despite the move on drug laws in Queensland, Daniel Andrews sticks to his stance on Victoria’s drug testing laws. The sunshine state announced drug testing once in six months. Mr. Andrew, a fellow member of the same party, has no plans to change the drug testing laws in Victoria.

“The Victorian government is not ready for any drug trials. Queensland can do if they wish, but we aren’t,” he said.

Mr. Andrews says pill testing doesn’t make the consumption of MDMA and ecstasy safe or reliable. “Pill testing makes people think it is safe to consume drugs.

General Practitioners president at Royal Australian College Nicole Higgins opined that new rules should be brought into the legislation to save the lives of drug consumers. 

“During festivals, we witness young people dropping dead from drug overdoses,” she said in a statement. Queensland plans to introduce mobile drug testing sites in Brisbane to counter life-threatening drug consumption.

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