As more sanctions are imposed on Russia, Australia sends drones to Ukraine

As more sanctions are imposed on Russia, Australia sends drones to Ukraine

To support the cause of Ukraine, Australia has sent in more drones on the eve of the Russian invasion anniversary, imposing financial sanctions on 90 Russian individuals and 40 entities.

The sanctions imposed include those on the Russian ministry supervising the resources, energy, and industry sectors and on primary players in defense like Kalashnikov (an arms manufacturer), Tupolev (the aviation industry), and Admiralty Shipyards (a submarine developer).

“We continue to stand with Ukraine,” Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated in a statement. “(The uncrewed aerial systems) provide battlefield intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

He refrained from disclosing the number, type, or whether they would be sending armed drones.

Since the misadventure invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladamir Putin, tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and troops have died, with millions forced to flee their towns on both sides of the border since last year.

NATO has accused China of supplying arms and ammunition to Russia, a strategic partner of China, even when China denies its involvement. Putin addressed Russia’s nuclear arsenal on the eve of the Russian invasion anniversary.

In an interview with ABC television, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong would urge China to take steps to de-escalate the conflict.

Australia is one of the major suppliers of arms and ammunition, supplying aid and other defense equipment besides being a non-NATO contributor to the West actively supporting Ukraine’s cause. Australia has prohibited the export of bauxite and other alumina-aluminum ores to Russia.

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