Westpac is closing five more bank branches across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane


The closure is a part of the bank’s ongoing restructuring efforts to improve its digital banking services and adapt to changing consumer habits. The affected branches are located in various suburbs of the three major cities, with the closures set to take place in the coming months.

The bank has assured customers that they will still have access to banking services through other nearby branches, as well as through online and mobile banking.

A spokesperson for Westpac acknowledged that the decision to close the branches was a difficult one but emphasized that the bank’s focus is on investing in its digital offerings and creating a seamless banking experience for customers.

“The changes might have caused upset for some of our customers, and we apologize for the changes,” the spokesperson said.

The closure of these five branches follows a similar move by Westpac last year when the bank announced the closure of 48 branches across Australia. The closures were met with criticism from some customers and politicians, who argued that they would disadvantage vulnerable members of the community who rely on in-person banking services.

Despite the criticism, Westpac has continued with its restructuring efforts, with a focus on investing in digital technology and reducing its physical footprint. The bank’s CEO, Peter King, has said that the changes are necessary to ensure the bank remains competitive and meets the evolving needs of its customers.

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