USB named Michael Hendrie the new Head of the Global Market for Australia

the new Head of the Global Market for Australia

Michael Hendrie is named the head of the global markets for Australia and New Zealand by the UBS Group AG. According to the memo distributed to the staff on Tuesday, the appointment will link the region’s fixed income and equity markets in the global bank’s organizational structure by combining them with the global markets group.

Hendri is the co-head of fixed income for Australia and New Zealand and head of the global foreign exchange market, rates, and credit for the region. Along with that, it was announced that for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Campbell will be the head of derivatives and solutions at UBS.

Matthew joined UBS in 2009 after spending time at Macquarie Group Ltd. Currently, he is running a team that trades the AUD/NZD rate globally, and it was added that he will continue to do so in his new role. The contents of the memo were confirmed by the UBS representative.

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