The Star Entertainment Group was found guilty of illegal activity.

The Star Entertainment Group was found guilty of illegal activity

The Star Entertainment Group, one of Australia’s largest casino operators, has been found guilty of breaching Queensland casino laws. The verdict was delivered by the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) after a lengthy investigation into the company’s operations.

The investigation found that The Star had failed to comply with regulations related to the exclusion of problem gamblers from its casinos and had also allowed minors to enter restricted areas. The company was also found to need to maintain adequate records of its operations, which is a violation of the state’s gaming laws.

As a result of the verdict, The Star will be fined and may face further sanctions, including revoking its casino license. The company has stated that it will cooperate fully with the OLGR and take steps to address the issues identified in the investigation.

The verdict has raised concerns about the regulation of the casino industry in Australia, with some calling for stricter enforcement of existing laws and regulations. The Star is one of several casino operators in the country that has faced scrutiny over its operations in recent years, including allegations of money laundering and links to organized crime.

The Australian government has launched a review of the country’s gambling laws, which is expected to result in new regulations to increase industry transparency and accountability. The review is also expected to address concerns about the social and economic impacts of problem gambling, which is a growing issue in many parts of the country.

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