The Australian Taxpayers Alliance calls out ‘bluff’ on tax brackets.


The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance President Brain Marlow has called the “bluff” of the Albanese government regarding the abolishment of the 37% tax bracket.

The accusation comes after the Albanese government declared changes to the stage three tax cut that would benefit low- to middle-income earners.

Thus, under the amendments, the 37% tax bracket would remain instead of abolishing it.

“The Labor government decided to lie to voters at the last election and completely abandon these tax cuts,” Mr. Marlow said in an interview with Sky News Australia.

“Their argument is, ‘Oh, we’ll give tax cuts to some Australians, and when it comes to the 37% tax bracket, we’re not going to touch that because the economy’s bad right now, we can’t afford it’.

“Well, we’re calling their bluff—we’re saying, ok, by your own estimates, you’re saying the economy’s going to bounce back in the next 12 months. We’re giving you until 2026 (to) commit to getting rid of that 37% rate.”

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