Tesla cuts price for the Second time in three months

Tesla cuts price for the Second time
  • On Friday, for the second time in three months, Tesla dropped the prices as the world’s largest auto market surged and demand declined.
  • As per the Reuters calculation, Tesla cut down on the prices with various incentives of roughly 10,000 yuan for Chinese buyers in October in the last three months. The firm had reduced costs from September, amounting to 13% to 24% on the electric cars.

With various incentives given to Chinese buyers, Tesla has reduced as much as 10,000 yuan in the last three months. According to Reuters calculations, the firm issued a discount between 13% and 24% from September.

On Friday, the electric vehicle giant dropped prices by as much as 6% to 13.5% for all variants of its Model 3 and Model Y in China as per the calculation carried out by Reuters based on the prices published on the firm’s website. As a result, model 3’s starting price dropped from 265,900 yuan to 229,900 yuan ($33,427).

These steps were taken after the deliveries of Chinese-made Tesla cars dropped to 55,796 in December, which is the lowest in five months. As the firm dealt with rising inventories, it had to lower its output and prices.

Moreover, these steps were followed after Beijing ended the subsidy program giving a massive boost to the world’s biggest electric manufacturing market. To keep up with the demand, Tesla and its rivals had to absorb most of the price.

Tesla also has to face stiff competition in China. Although Model 3 and Model Y were the only variants being delivered in China, the firm also announced prices for Model S and Model X in China on Friday.

BYD, a firm offering several variants and offers plug-in and pure electric vehicles, saw its retail sales double in December in China as opposed to Tesla, whose sales dropped 42%, as per the data released by China Merchants Bank International.

Model 3 and Model Y prices in China are down by 24% to 32% compared to the largest market in the United States for Tesla; it is also due to different materials and labor costs, as per the calculator made by Reuters.

However, the prices of Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid in China are nearly 10% higher than their United States prices, which are 1,009,900 yuan to 1,03,900 yuan, respectively.
The two high-end models would be imported from the United States to China with a 15% tariff for its Chinese customers in the first half of the year, as previously announced by Tesla.

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