Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher is disappointed with the government’s energy policies

Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher is disappointed with the government's energy policies.

The company’s CEO expressed concerns over Green’s involvement in framing the energy and climate policies at the recent annual general meeting on April 6. Mr. Gallagher referred to Santos’ offshore Barossa gas project off the coast as having faced many legal complications.

Gallagher opposes recent proposals by the Greens to ban new gas and oil projects and their lack of interest in fracking and other extraction methods. These policies will negatively impact Australia’s energy sector, which employs tens of thousands of people and provides vital energy resources to the country.

Gallagher further argued that the energy industry has an important role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The policies should be based on a balanced and pragmatic approach that takes into account both economic and environmental factors.

Environmental activists and groups accuse Gallagher of putting the interests of his company ahead of the environment. However, Gallagher maintains that his position is based on a realistic assessment of the challenges facing the industry and the need for a balanced approach to energy policy.

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