Lifting in spot price is ‘benefitting” gold stocks

Lifting in spot price is ‘benefitting” gold stocks

Commsec Market Analyst Laura Besarati explained that gold stocks are “benefitting” due to the lift in the spot price in the Asian Session today, hitting its all-time high in April for the current year.

“We did see the gold price actually retreating in the US session last night; it was down by around 0.6 percent,” Ms. Beserati revealed.

“But we have seen it pick back up in the Asian session today, up by around 0.4 percent to $2360 a barrel.“

“That means we’ve seen gold stocks benefiting today; we had the likes of Northern Star, Evolution, (and) Perseus all up in the order of 2.4 percent, 1 percent, and half a percent, respectively.”

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