Governor Michele Bullock: RBA is ‘responding to data’ as it releases


In the latest comment, the RBA Governor announced that the board is “responding to data” as it is being released.

She declared that the RBA has decided to continue to keep the cash rate at 4.35%.

In a press conference on Tuesday, she stated “What the board is saying is that there are risks on both sides of this – the risks are finely balanced.”

“On the one hand, on the up side, we still have inflation above target ad we know from overseas that it’s a bumpy ride and we also know that services inflation is still elevated and that’s proving difficult to get down.“

“On the other hand we’re conscious that consumption is slowing a lot, that the unemployment rate – there are signs that as I said earlier that some of the tightness in the labour market is easing, so you’ve got that on the down side.”

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