Despite interest rate inflation control, big businesses keep increasing prices.

Big businesses ‘keep putting up prices’ despite interest rate inflation control

Aussies are feeling the brunt of the rate hike even though the Reserve Bank of Australia has controlled the rate of inflation. Big businesses are frequently increasing the prices of common goods and services.

In an interview with Luke Sorensen, a photographer and homeowner revealed that the RBA is “not really understanding” the impact of the increased rate of interest on Australians at the ground level.

 Mr. Sorensen told Sky News Australia that increasing interest rates alone could not guarantee a “simple fix” for Australia’s inflation problem.

“The interest rates are hitting the small people,” he stated.

“I don’t understand how they’re going to control inflation when these big businesses keep putting up prices on people despite the interest rates.

“We’re paying for the inflation, and we’re paying for the mortgages and the interest rates.

“Definitely, we’re getting punished.

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