Australia might start a new corporate revolution with four work days a week

new corporate revolution with four work days a week.

A committee led by the Greens senator proposes new reforms to the current corporate functioning and work culture and brings them to the government for necessary steps to implement. A year-long parental leave and strictly no working after working hours are also a part of the committee’s suggestions.

The senator proudly says that Australia showed the path for the world in reducing the workdays to a week, and soon Australia will end the era of long working hours, said the senator.

The report suggests a 100:80:100 model, in which workers are paid 100 percent for 80 percent of a week’s work with 100 percent productivity. The positive outcome of the already existing phenomenon of a four-day workweek is the reason for backing up the work culture reforms.

The inquiry into the 38-hour workweek and penalties for employers who disobey the new working laws will also be taken into consideration by the Fair Work Commission. 

A trial conducted on 33 companies, with 1000 employees for ten months, showed a positive overall result in the revenues of the companies. The countries that participated in the research were US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. The research intended to see the output after reducing the work time by six hours with three week-offs provided with full payment.

The result of the study released in December 2022 showed that the firms that participated in the study increased their revenue by an average of 8 percent and a thumping spike of 38 percent in comparison with the previous year.

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