As inflation falls to 4.1%, homeowners can be ‘cautiously optimistic.’


Andrew Clennell, a political editor from Sky News, states that homeowners can be “cautiously optimistic,” and there won’t be another rate hike in the near future or even this year as inflation is dropping to 4.1%.

Compared to the previous month’s inflation of 5.4%, the inflation for December was 4.1%. Thus encouraging the Reserve Bank to take steps to start cutting down on interest rates in the coming months.

“Homeowners should be cautiously optimistic out of this,” Andrew stated.

“I do not think there will be a rate hike next week.“

“As long as there isn’t some big driver of inflation in the economy from here, I do not think there will be another rate hike this year; I’ll go as far as to get the crystal ball out on that.”

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